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Relation Foundation Horsemanship      

Horse/Human Instruction to Better the Relationship With Your Horse     


... to James R Brannon Relation Foundation Horsemanship, LLC located in the natural beauty of north Idaho between Sandpoint and Coeur d'Alene.
The fact that you clicked on my website indicates that you may be having certain frustrations with your horse and are thinking that there has to be a better way.  You may be a new horse owner that has no idea where to start and does not want to mess things up.  You may have recently gotten back into horses, having fond youthful memories of riding old Dobbin everywhere only to now come to the realization that you are mortal and cannot imagine doing things on a horse now that you did when you were younger.  You may have a horse that has only two speeds; fast and faster.  Or you may have a horse that takes three kicks to get him to go two steps.  Your horse might cause you to feel unsafe because he invades your space whenever you are with him. And it is possible that you have a horse that evades your space when you approach him with the halter.  Perhaps you are just curious about what Relation Foundation Horsemanship is.

If any of this sounds familiar, then you have come to the right place and have taken your first step down a path that I am confident you will not regret taking.

 What I do is I teach you how to establish yourself as the benevolent leader of your “herd of two” using what I call “Affection, Connection and Direction.”  It is done in a manner that respects the horse as well as the human and is taught in a step by step fashion.  I not only teach you what to do, I teach you how to be.

My course consists of ten lessons broken up into three sections all with the goal of helping the student become confident and safe with their horse.  The first section lays the foundation for the foundation with a discussion of philosophy and training theory, followed by simple ground tasks.  The second section refines and expands on what was learned in the first section.  The third section deals with saddling, mounting and riding. I also offer help for specific problems that you may be having, such as trailer loading, foot handling, catching, etc.

I can travel to a your home or boarding facilitiy (ask permission from the barn manager first), or you can come to my facility for private or group lessons.  I have a 60' round pen, an outdoor beginning size dressage arena and short trails through the forest on my property. 

 This is not a finishing course and does not deal with specific disciplines such as barrel racing, dressage, cutting, reining, etc.  However, this course will lay a foundation of effective communication and skills for both the human and horse that will put you in good stead should you choose to pursue one of the many horse disciplines out there.

If I have your interest, please go to the other pages on my website to learn more about my Relation Foundation Horsemanship.  Should you like to see a demonstration of me playing with my horses, let me know and we can set something up. Call or e-mail me so that I can help you, along with your horse, start down the path you have been looking for.

James R Brannon

          Arena: (208) 683-3241        Mobile: (208) 661-3528       E-mail: jrbrannon@rfhorsemanship.com